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    Development of a new condominium unit


Development of a new condominium unit

From residence to residence, from mandate to mandate, the owners offer us once again the privilege of participating in one of their projects. Indeed, a change in lifestyle leads customers to consider acquiring a new penthouse unit.

The developer’s plans will be enhanced and customized to meet the needs. The installation of a working area in the living space was planned to accommodate periods of teleworking. This chameleon workstation integrates with the architecture and becomes a strong element of this layout.

In the background, the variable, panoramic and natural scenery offered by the river and the horizon plays an undeniable role in the creation of the atmosphere. This element was the main material of the layout. From sunrise to the blue hour of the end of the day, this living space is in perfect accord with its residents.

Maryse Crôteau

Carole-Ann Brault

Production collaborator

Armoire Cuisine Action
Galleria design

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Development of a new condominium unit



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Residential, Modern

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Maryse Crôteau